X-904 Offshore Transfer Device (Personnel Baskets)

Billy Pugh Co. management group spent two years in collaboration between BPC, HSE&Q managers, crane operators, rig managers and offshore personnel to create a product that will both efficiently and quickly move passengers offshore. With the help of a great team, the X-904 transfer device was developed and quickly became the standard for offshore transfer. It is made of a sturdy aluminum skeleton to protect them from falling objects. The riders are encompassed with tightened stainless steel ropes that protects from any side impact that may occur. All models are equipped with quick release safety lanyards that gives the passengers stability without being confined. Shock absorbing “feet” protect passengers from hard landing. The X-904 provides a designated area for luggage. In the event of an emergency situation, the 4, 6, & 8 person X-904s allows for a stretcher to be loaded.

Product Spesification
SKU Description Dimensions Weight
X-904-4 4 Person Transfer Device 90” x 90” x 34” 600 lbs
X-904-6 6 Person Transfer Device 102” x 102” x 36” 700 lbs
X-904-8 8 Person Transfer Device 102” x 102” x 36” 900 lbs
X-904-10 10 Person Transfer Device 112” x 112” x 36” 1000 lbs
X-904-12 12 Person Transfer Device 120” x 120” x 54” 1200 lb